Monday, October 26, 2009

I'll talk about something different next time, I promise...

Many things to talk about today. First things first, Sounders are in the playoffs. Hooray! I’m supporting a team that is winning! Now that I got that out of the way I’d like to continue my analysis of future Rams QBs. I watched soccer this weekend and was overjoyed, I watched football and was disheartened, here is why.

I looked at 3 QBs this weekend, 2 of them purported to be top picks that any professional team wants. I was disappointed by those 2. The third plays well on a mid major team and I have concerns about his size and his desire to enter the draft when the Rams need him, which is RIGHT NOW.

Jake Locker was the first of the 3. He’s a Junior for University of Washington. Unless he’s surrounded by idiots waiting to cash in on a big NFL draft check, he should be a Senior for UW next year. His fundamentals are sub-par. He gets points for leading a drive against USC this season, but I saw several concerning plays. Most notably on a short red zone possession. Coach calls in a short pass to the back of the endzone and instead of giving a little lob, Mr. Locker tosses a bullet, a QB basics no-no. That pass needs to be where it can only be caught by a receiver or out of bounds. Instead it was a Duck interception and the huskies held their heads in shame.

Second on the Rams QB menu was Tim Tebow. I’ve heard plenty about Tebow. I’ve seen a ton of highlights of him running in touch downs. That’s excellent for college, but for the NFL you have to be able to pass or you ride the pine. Tebow can pass, no doubt about it, but he can also make very poor decisions. Twice the Gators held their heads in shame as Tebow threw touchdown passes to the opposing team. Although eventually the Gators ended up winning, it was in spite of Tebow not because of him. Needless to say, the Rams already have 2 quarterbacks that are good at throwing interceptions for touchdowns and having an overhyped young kid with lots of pressure on him that can do the same thing is not ideal.

Dessert was Kellen Moore from Boise State. I’ll admit to bias because I watched him play in high school since his school used to play against my brother’s team. In addition, my brother sacked him one time so whenever I see him on a highlight show I get to shout with glee “My brother sacked him in high school.” All joking aside, Moore is good. I’m concerned about his size. I am also concerned that perhaps he is not playing against talent that tests his abilities to the limit that gives us an idea of what he would look like in the NFL. Despite that, I note that he has the best passer rating in the country and is very good at finding receivers. Of the three QBS of the night, he looked most professional. Unfortunately, he is only a Sophomore and the chances he joins the draft are quite slim

Since I have only studiously watched four QBs (read: wondered what they might look like in a Rams uniform during their games) I only have 4 on my top 5. However, Only Colt McCoy has impressed me at this point. Therefore, there is no QB on the 2 spot.

1. Colt McCoy (Awesome name, played through a bruised thumb).
2. ?
3. Kellen Moore (Probably won’t declare for draft anyway)
4. Tim Tebow (Not impressed with his passing)
5. Jake Locker (Probably needs another year)

Too preoccupied with scouting,


Mark McGwire ... the hitting coach?

Rumors have come out of St. Louis that former bash brother Mark McGwire will be the Cardinals hitting coach in 2010. Are you kidding me, seriously … honestly, C’MON? I’m sorry if you’re a fan of the roid-raging masher but I don’t see him giving pointers to Albert Pujols. Do you? My ideal hitting coach would be a Tony Gywnn, Paul Molitor, Robin Yount or George Brett. These guys were professional hitters, they could hit to all fields for average and on the occasion hit a home run or two. All McGwire did was swing for the fences hitting a lot of HR which is nice but doesn’t take a whole lot to do especially when you’re 6’5 and 240 lbs.
So, I thought it would be fun to go through some of the Cardinals lineup and see just what kind of advice Big Mac would give them.

Colby Rasmus:

Mark: “Colby, you had a great rookie year but you need to work the count more to get on base, 36 walks in 450 at-bats isn’t gonna cut it.”
Colby: “I know and I’ve been trying this new …”
Mark: “What you need to do is pretend the pitcher is a committee of congressmen and the ball is one of their questions. So when the pitch is on the way you take that question and plead the fifth, you know what I’m saying?”
Colby: “I don’t know how pleading the fifth has to do with baseball?”
Mark: “Listen Colby who’s the hitting coach here?”

Yadier Molina:

Mark: “Yadi you’re a bit on the chubby side and I think if you hit the weight room and beef up a bit you could be a great hitter”
Yadier: “I’m actually an All-star catcher that can hit a little bit.”
Mark: “Hey I’m the hitting coach here and I want you to hit the weight room … and uh-hmm see this guy about this power shake.”
Yadier: “How is a power shake gonna make me a better hitter?”
Mark: “Because I’m the hitting coach dammit!”

Albert Pujols:

Mark: “Albert you are great player!”
Albert: “I really appreciate that …”
Mark: “But I think you can be even better, I have this stuff in the stall that I want to show you.”
Albert: “I don’t feel comfortably about …”
Mark: “Who’s the hitting coach here, me or you?”

The Pitching Staff:

Mark: “Gather round gentlemen, gather round. I have 3 words for you ‘Grip it and Rip it’ that’s all I have to say to you.”
Cardinals Pitcher: “There’s more then that to it right?”
Mark: “Of course it is! I’m the Hitting coach.”

- Gaerts -