Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sounders til I die!

Yet again my Rams had a terrible outing. I was hoping for some points but instead received another shut out straight to my retinas. Indeed my eyes burn.

However, all was not lost this weekend as the Sounders (gasp! Soccer!) went into Columbus and beat the Crew ending a 22 game league unbeaten streak. The Crew has previously won or tied their last 22 league games there and until recently had a non-league win streak as well. Usually this would be an occasion all by itself, but the victory was made particularly sweet by the fact that the Sounders gained a leg up on all their competition for a playoff spot.

I was a casual soccer fan until the Sounders launched their season in Major League Soccer. I enjoyed following the national team and occasionally catching a game on TV here and there of MLS. But when it was announced that the Sounders would be an expansion team for this year, I was stoked. I began following the US Open Cup, in which the USL Sounders lost in the semi final last year. And then there was a crescendo when the opening game hit the air waves. And I’m still at that peak. I’m addicted to soccer. I’ve been watching English Premier, MLS, US national team and admittedly I watched a full game of the Under 20 World Cup.

Maybe this is just a bi-product of the “Summer of Soccer” in which ESPN marketed plenty of soccer matches and we were actually exposed to the sport if we chose to take a look. Maybe my new found hooliganism is a result of the Rams losing 31 of their last 36 games and being shut out twice already this year. It could also be that I am just addicted to the exciting style of soccer that the Sounders play. Whatever the reason, I am hooked.

I used to watch baseball in the summer, because it was on and sporting events were few and far between, unless I wanted to watch the WNBA. But from now on I will be watching the Sounders, and with their recent US Open Cup victory and a chance to win the MLS cup, perhaps they will be a winning team I can cheer for.
Here is to hoping the Sounders become the Evil Empire of MLS