Monday, October 19, 2009

Scouting Draft Picks

As any NFL fan knows there comes a point in any season where you stop cheering for your team to win and start cheering for your team to lose. Why? For draft picks of course. There are three winless teams currently and all three are in contention for the number 1 overall pick. The Rams are, of course one of these teams.

Any team that is at 0-6 at this point in the season should seriously begin thinking about folding their hopes into a little box called “the draft.” While it is possible a team could win 10 consecutive games and end up with a respectable record, it is highly unlikely. In my opinion, the Rams have 2 more tries in which I will be cheering for a win. Likely I will reserve that cheering for Rivalry games.

The hard part now is watching college games for future Rams players. If the Rams have a viable top 5 pick, I am hoping they will pick a Quarterback. So, from now on I’ll be watching football for the “potential Rams QB.” I started this weekend actually. My game of the week was the Red River shootout featuring glass cannon Sam Bradford and Colt (can you wish for a better name?) McCoy. McCoy won the shootout since Bradford was injured in the first half.

The game was sloppy, but McCoy showed some poise and was willing to throw in tough situations to help his team win. It was probably not the best game he’s had, but it was the only one I’ve seen this year. I think he is showing potential.

If there is one thing that keeps me interested in college football, it is the NFL draft. Now that the first week of the BCS standings are out, I can begin to compile my scouting list of players on big name teams that inevitably the Rams won’t pick so I can be disappointed for another season. So, from here on out, whether it is read or not, I’ll be talking about *gasp* college football games. Only games featuring quarterbacks that I’d like to see wearing the Blue and Gold, assuming I’ll get them on my standard cable package.

This weekend I’ll be watching Oregon vs. Washington because it is the most likely locally shown game featuring a quarterback the Rams could possibly draft. Jake Locker, this is your chance to prove to me you can win the St. Louis lottery.
Since I’ve only scouted 1 game and McCoy played through a bruised thumb while Bradford was injured yet again, McCoy makes my first ever “Top 5 Quarterbacks the Rams should draft” Board. Which is currently as follows.

1. Colt McCoy (Awesome name, played through a bruised thumb).
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. Profit

Until next week,


Go Yankees … sort of.

As much as I hate to say it, the Yankees belong in the playoffs. To utter such words is blasphemy, but hear me out.

First I want to take you back to November 4, 2001 … Does anyone know where I’m going with this? Well if you don’t or you would like to take a trip to memory lane you should check this out.

For those of you who remember that night, do you remember how it felt? I can’t explain how exciting it was to watch the Yankees walk off the field in all their arrogance and … glory. What bliss, I might have cried … probably did. I don’t know how you Athletic fans felt when the Yankees beat you but I remember what they did to Seattle: Alfonso Soriano’s 2-run walkoff against Kasuhiro Sasaki in game 4, and Lou Piniella guaranteeing that the Mariners would return to Seattle only to lose game 5 while Yankee fans chanted “Overrated!” It was hard on me but it was all wiped away on November 4th. Was it like that for you guys in Oakland? I hope it was. That year they were supposed to be “America’s Team,” quite frankly if you rooted for the Yankees because of 9/11 then you’re a TRAITOR. But I digress.

Every story needs the “good vs. evil” and no team calls hell home like the Yankees.

Would it have been nice if they lost to the Twins in first round?


Or they collapse against the Angels?


How about we tease them into thinking that they’ll win it all … you know get everyone in on it like replacing Melky Cabrera in center with Brett Gardner and bringing in Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the 9th of game 7 and BAM! They lose?

That would be AWESOME!!!


- Gaerts -