Sunday, November 15, 2009


Every franchise that should, refuses to say it but I think it’s time that the Seahawks do it. Rebuild! Like every fan, I hate that word. It’s almost like quitting but sometimes it’s better to quit before you’re too far behind.
We have the pieces to build around i.e Aaron Curry, Max Unger and Brandon Mebane, John Carlson even Justin Forsett looks like he has a bright future if given the chance. But there is a point where you must realize that signing veterans to fill a gap here and there doesn’t work (Housezdheaamdhaahfh, Julius Jones, Ken Lucas even Edgerrin James proved that point. I know that injuries have played a major part this year. Again! But injuries to key players in consecutive years are a subtle hint.
You have to BUILD A WINNER because you can’t just piece one together. There’s a huge difference between adding a player to put you over the top then adding that type of a player to a team where the foundation has already starting to crumble. I thought that Housezdmahahahahaha was that guy, it’s only been a year so the jury is still out on him. After the departure of Steve Hutchinson, Robbie Tobeck and the demise of Shaun Alexander we knew that the running game and the O-Line was in a serious trouble. Look where we’re at today. Hasselbeck had to throw the ball over 50 times to beat the Lions … the Lions. That is not a knock on Hasselbeck, I believe he can be productive for two more years. Just enough time to develop one.
What do we do?
Here’s what we do. The secondary needs to come down. I like Josh Wilson and Marcus Trufant but we need to do something with the rest of them. Kelly Jennings wore out his welcome a longtime ago. Deon Grant is getting old. Jordan Babineaux is a great nickel and dime guy but a starter ... c’mon. And Lucas sucks, he can’t cover the Cardinals, just watch what Fitzgerald and Boldin have done to him the last 3 years and we signed him, give me a break I believe the O-Line has potential but they need stability because. I really like the guys we have but they’re all out of position. If we could get a pure Left Tackle and some solid backups then that would solve a lot of problems. What Forsett did to day against the Cardinals gave me some hope for the O-Line.
All we need is another Running Back. I really believe that Forsett could help but we need someone who puts his head down and runs defenders over. Can I get an Amen?


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  1. To be fair, there aren't a lot of teams that can cover the Cardinals.

    I always thought the Housh signing was suspect.
    (But secretly I laughed because I knew it would bring the Seahawks pain in the long run.)