Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sports Illiteracy is ran by Josh Gaertner and Nate Jensen.Our goal is to talk about sports and ask questions about the current structure in professional and collegiate sports primarily in the United States of America.We reserve the right to delve into the obscure and occasionally the ridiculous.We are not interested in eliminating bias from our views and as such our bias will not be hidden.

Since we are based in Washington State our bias will generally be towards the West Coast, although there will be some variation depending on the sport and league. Comments are encouraged as long as they remain on topic and are not intended to be inflammatory toward any demographic. In addition, attempting to point out that we are idiots, unqualified or any intelligent or non-intelligent name calling indicating we don’t know what we are talking about will not be taken seriously. We know we are not experts. When we get a chance to watch sports, it is mainly on Television or the internet. A good portion of our knowledge will come from box scores and statistics since we do not have the time to watch every single game in every single sport. In other words, we know we are unqualified or we would have named out site Sports Elitists.

In general, our articles will be based purely in speculation and hypothetical scenarios, although we may sometimes delve into the realm of “fact.” Occasionally we may be completely sarcastic, satirical and comical it is up to the reader to decide what to take seriously.
Without further ado, we begin the launch of Sports Illiteracy, enjoy at your own risk.

-Josh and Nate

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